I started my "professional" career in music at the age of 14. The group was called Moonlight Axe and the other band members went to school at Shawnee Mission North. We were usually booked one night a weekend in towns that had now entering/now leaving on the same sign. We were making decent money for kids our age and had great press at the time. We thought we were hot stuff...

...boy did we suck.

I played in basement bands until 1980, when I started doing lights and sound instead of playing an instrument. In the summer of '82 I attended Full Sail Recording School in Orlando Florida (that semester, they were talking about this neat new thing called a "compact" disc, that would revolutionize music).

My first notable musical group would have been The Beck Langford Band, formed in 1984, Rest In Pieces, 1984.

My next band?

Charlie and the Stingrays.

My first union with them began with the start of the group in 1985 and continued until late 1987 when I decided to quit for personal reasons.

After that, I spent most of my musical time on various recording and band projects, too numererous to mention, too insignificant to remember.

January of 1994, I received a call from an old friend at my management company asking if I'd like to join the band Missouri for a reunion tour that would last for the next two years. I said of course. I played every major mid-western venue with just about every band I grew up listening to, and to huge audiences. Playing the "rock star". That was a real trip.

And now life comes around full circle again. I'm playing with a group of fun loving, talented, and true friends. And that's what really makes me happy.


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