My parents were both musically inclined and way into jazz. Not the normal, main stream jazz, but jazz like Charlie Mingus, Stan Kenton, George Shearing, Cal Tjader, and Marty Paich. In the late 60's I noticed something about the music that was happening for my generation; There were direct, sometimes eerily direct, influences from the things I had heard as a kid. The forms and shapes were similar, if somewhat more distorted, and that opened up my eyes to the many wonderful styles that had been stamped on my musical heart. Bands like Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Yes, King Crimson, Deep Purple, and The Moody Blues proved to me that anything, and everything, was possible. And you didn't have to play just one instrument!

I first picked up the guitar somewhere around the age of eight. I started playing in a real band at around fourteen. Coming of age in Tulsa, Oklahoma was a bit strange. I never played in a country band. It was always rock that moved me. And that led me into several bands with some really great players.

I played in several minorly recognized Tulsa groups (Anotar and Collage to name two) but I finally had the opportunity to join a band with a real shot at making a name for itself. The band was Counterpoint. From 1977 to the end of 1983, we were "the" premier rock band in the Tulsa area. We grew from being a total cover band to a original recording band in that time. We had the honor of sharing stages with many of Tulsa's best acts like Jim Sweney and Pegasus, as well as opening shows for Blue Oyster Cult, Three Dog Night, and K.C.'s own Shooting Star. We were also the featured artist on a couple of (local FM radio station) 97.5 KMOD live "showcase" radio broadcasts as well as the local weekend late night KMOD sponsored TV show "Night Shift" hosted by none other than Jeanne Summers (Tripplehorn).

Since moving back to Kansas City in 1984 I have been a session musician performing on guitar, bass guitar, keys, percussion, and vocals, and have played in bands such as Beck Langford (where I met Stingrays original keyboardist / guitarist Chris "Chief" Jones, former sound man Eric Petska, and former sound man Brian Doyal), The Glide, The Zanwich Brothers, The House Cats (where I met keyboardist Pat McDaniel, another Ex-Ray who was in the band at the same time I was), Charlie and the Stingrays, and the Oscar Polk Band.

In 2004 I began playing solo acoustic shows (click here to go to my MySpace page), playing songs that meant a lot to me, and apparently, they still mean a lot to other folks as well. From that base, I tried in the last 18 months to expand on that format with two trios - 3 Peas Band and Larry, Darrell, and Daryl. I have recently been a guest on The Phil and Brent Morning Zoo show in Tulsa at 97.5 KMOD (If you don't know, these are the guys that created, and perpetuated Roy. D. Mercer!), as well as a couple of appearances on the WHB 810 Sports show "Crunchtime" hosted by "Kansas City Sports Guru and All Around Great Guy" Dave Stewart.

As of March 2008 I'm very happy to be back with Charlie and The Stingrays. Apparently, sometimes, you can go home...


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